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Table 1 Is a list of components that will be investigated for the review questions

From: How strong is the effect of invasive ecosystem engineers on the distribution patterns of local species, the local and regional biodiversity and ecosystem functions?

Population Exposure Outcomes (response variables) Comparators
Marine and brackish (e.g., estuarine) assemblages including both native and other invasive species Introduction, establishment and spread of exotic ecosystem engineers Species richness, species evenness, total community cover, total community biomass, single species abundance (cover, count), single species biomass, individual growth of native species, individual size of native species, community productivity, nutrient cycling, metabolism, decomposition, carbon flux, respiration, sediment stabilisation, sediment mixing, resilience, temporal stability, resistance, invasibility Invaded vs non-invaded plots
Invaded plots vs Invader removal plots
Control plots (no Invader) vs Invader transplanted plot