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Table 2 The general search terms that will be used for the review

From: How strong is the effect of invasive ecosystem engineers on the distribution patterns of local species, the local and regional biodiversity and ecosystem functions?

Search terms Population Outcome
("alien species" OR "alien organism*" OR "invasive species" OR "invasive organism*" OR "species invasion" OR "introduced species" OR "introduced organism*" OR "species introduced" OR "species introduction" OR "allochthonous species" OR "nonindigenous species" OR "non-indigenous species" OR "nonindigenous organism*" OR "non-indigenous organism*" OR "non native species" OR "non-native species" OR "non-native organism*" OR "exotic species" OR bioinvaion OR "bioinvasive species" OR "bioinvasive organism*") (marine OR brackish OR estuar* OR coastal OR shallow OR sea OR seas OR maritime OR lagoon* OR pelagic OR benth* OR demersal OR shore* OR intertidal OR subtidal OR ocean* OR bay OR cove) Terms for ecosystem structure
("species richness" OR diversity OR "community structure" OR evenness OR biodiversity OR bio-diversity OR "biological diversity" OR "Shannon-Weaver" OR "Shannon-Weiner" OR "Shannon index" OR "Simpson Index" OR "abundance-biomass curve*" OR "species abundance distribution*" OR "community similarity" OR "community dissimilarity")
Terms for biogeochemical cycling, flows of energy and materials
("Energy flow*" OR "Energy flux*"OR "Flow* of energy" OR "Flux* of energy" OR biogeochemical OR "Nutrient cycl*" OR "cycling of nutrient*" OR "Nutrient dynamics" OR "nutrient flux*" OR "Nutrient flow*" OR "Flow* of nutrient*" OR "Flux* of nutrient*" OR "cycling of carbon" OR "carbon cycl*" OR "carbon stor*" OR "carbon flow*" OR "carbon flux*" OR "flow* of carbon" OR "flux* of carbon" OR "cycling of sul*ur" OR "Sul*ur cycl*" OR "Flow* of sul*ur" OR "flux* of sul*ur" OR "sul*ur flux*" OR"sul*ur flow*" OR "Hydrogen sul*ide" OR "cycling of nitrogen" OR "nitrogen cycl*" OR "Flow* of nitrogen" OR "flux* of nitrogen" OR "nitrogen flux*" OR "nitrogen flow*" OR denitrification OR "cycling of phosphorus" OR " phosphorus cycl*" OR "Flow* of phosphorus" OR "flux* of phosphorus" OR "phosphorus flux*" OR "phosphorus flow*" OR "cycling of oxygen" OR “oxygen cycl*" OR "Flow* of oxygen" OR "flux* of oxygen" OR "oxygen flux*" OR "oxygen flow*" OR anoxi* OR hypoxi* OR bioturbation OR grazing OR foraging OR herbivory OR predation OR scavengers OR scavenging OR respiration OR ecosystem metabolism OR "sediment stabilisation" OR "sediment mixing" )
Terms for productivity
(primary product*" OR "secondary product*" OR "carbon fixation" OR "community respiration" OR "ecosystem respiration" OR "community metabolism" OR "ecosystem metabolism" OR "abundance of benthic" OR "productivity of benthic"OR "benthic biomass" OR "biomass of benthic" OR "benthic metabolism" OR "benthic respiration" OR ((abundance* OR biomass* OR productivity OR mortalit* OR survival OR growth OR cover OR densit*) AND (fauna* OR animal ORinfauna* OR epifauna* OR fish OR macroinvertebrate OR invertebrate OR macrofauna* OR mesofauna* OR meiofauna* OR epibenthic OR seagrass OR eelgrass OR cymodocea OR zostera OR posidonia OR seaweed OR macroalgal OR macroalgae OR fish* OR bird* OR seabird OR shorebird)))