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Table 3 Attributes considered for categorizing full-text articles

From: How strong is the effect of invasive ecosystem engineers on the distribution patterns of local species, the local and regional biodiversity and ecosystem functions?

Study type Comparison between invaded and non-invaded plots Comparison between invaded and invader removal plots Comparison between non-invaded and invader transplanted plots  
Study location     
Distance from major urban or industrial centers     
response variable(s)     
Study type lab* field   
Study settings observational experimental   
Spatial scale - extent <1 km2 1-100 km2 spanning area >100 km2  
Spatial scale – grain ( size of plots) plots <1 m plots >1 m individual sub-individual (i.e. portions of an individual)
Description of the hierarchical design - space     
# of spatial scales included 1 2 >2  
Temporal scale - extent     
Temporal scale - grain     
Description of the hierarchical design - time     
Number of temporal scales included 1 2 >2  
Design - replication (plot) Non-replicated Poorly replicated (n = 2) sufficiently replicated (2 < n < 4) Well replicated (n > 4)
if well replicated: how many replicates?     
Design - controls/reference sites None Procedural controls Unmanipulated controls Both
Design - CI     
How many Control sites?     
How many Impacted sites?     
Design - BA     
How many times Before?     
How many times After?     
Design - BACI     
if Beyond BACI: how many Control sites?     
if Beyond BACI: how many Impacted sites?     
if Beyond BACI: how many 'Before' times?     
if Beyond BACI: how many 'After' times?     
Design - confounding Confounded Not confounded   
If High probability of confounding, list confounders     
Execution - specify the sampling method     
Execution - sample independence Not independent Probably independent Independent  
Execution - treatment independence Not independent [11] Independent [11]   
Execution - randomisation (allocation of sampling units) Neither Haphazard Random  
Confounding variables Certainly present Likely present Not present