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Table 5 Study quality assessment categories

From: Review of the evidence base for ecosystem-based approaches for adaptation to climate change

Measure of success What measure of the ecosystem-based approach to adaptation effectiveness has been used? For example, livelihood diversification – proof of diversity of income or of yields, cost-benefit analysis, community perception of effectiveness based on past experience, and erosion level reduction.
Type of evidence 1. Randomised controlled trial
2. Environmental field measurements
3. Laboratory experiment
4. Mathematical model
5. Statistical analysis – descriptive
6. Statistical analysis – analytical
7. Social field surveys
8. Stakeholder consultations
9. Conceptual model
10. Meta analysis
11. Analogues from other contexts
12. Case studies
13. Other
Quality of evidence (on the basis of susceptibility to bias) 1. Existence of experimental control
2. Comparison between sites
3. Observational / modelling
4. Theoretical evidence
  5. Anecdotal evidence