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Table 6 Categories of data analysed

From: Review of the evidence base for ecosystem-based approaches for adaptation to climate change

Terminology and origin of evidence • Terminology (difference between peer-review and grey)
• Type of evidence (i.e. case studies, experiments, modelling) and source (journal) and quality (see ‘study quality assessment’ section)
• Proportion of articles looking at multiple adaptation options
• Spread of evidence – geographic distribution and concentration of studies and field of study (journal-type/theme)
Aim of EbA-type activities undertaken • Climatic hazards and impacts addressed
• Adaptation target (e.g. sectors or individuals/groups/communities or both)
• Ecosystems being used /type of EbA interventions
Measure of success and discussion of limits • Measures of effectiveness
• Result of adaptation intervention
• Time scale of effectiveness
• Biophysical thresholds and boundary conditions to effectiveness
Costs and benefits • Social, environmental and economic
• Cost-benefit to alternatives
· Temporal and spatial distribution of social, environmental and economic costs and benefits
• Trade-offs and synergies with land use and other ecosystem services
Policy and institutions and implementation • Institutional effectiveness of adaptation interventions
• Intervention relationship with policy sphere and success of project in instigating policy change
  • Design and implementation of projects