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Figure 1 | Environmental Evidence

Figure 1

From: Will environmental flows increase the abundance of native riparian vegetation on lowland rivers? A systematic review protocol

Figure 1

Conceptual model linking changes in flow to an increase in the abundance of native riparian vegetation on banks. Where different hypotheses are posed for woody and herbaceous vegetation, the type and life stage is specified. Dotted lines represent assumed linkages. Solid lines represent conceptual linkages to be tested in our review, and form each of the secondary questions. Overbank flows are those of sufficient magnitude to breach the banks of the channel. High flows are of a greater magnitude than baseflows and can be bankfull or overbank. Sustained high flows can refer to multiple flow components (volume, frequency, seasonality, duration) depending on the study system (e.g. an increase in duration of a high flow in a single year or an increase in volume over multiple years).

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