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Table 1 Search terms for limiting term searches (TS) and each vegetation response

From: Will environmental flows increase the abundance of native riparian vegetation on lowland rivers? A systematic review protocol

Search Terms
TS1 vegetation OR tree OR wood* OR herb$ OR herbaceous OR understory OR grass* OR shrub OR forb
TS2 floodplain OR riparian OR river* OR stream OR creek OR bank
TS3 Inundat* OR bankfull OR flow$ OR overbank OR freshes OR flood$ OR “pulse-flood*” OR “flood release*” OR “water regime” OR “water-level” or hydroperio*
Germination Germina* OR seedling OR sapling OR growth OR recruit* OR establish*
Mortality Mortality OR dieback OR surviv* OR death OR resilience OR drown*
Condition Condition OR health OR dieback OR “drought stress” OR “flood stress” OR crown
Reproduction Reproduc* OR seed* OR propag* OR flower