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Table 5 Number of articles for grassland system

From: The effectiveness of integrated farm management, organic farming and agri-environment schemes for conserving biodiversity in temperate Europe - A systematic map

  Invertebrates Plants Farmland birds Plants of cons concern Pollinators Natural enemies Soil organisms Invert food for farmland birds
Intensive grassland 28 18 12 0 5 6 3 7
Extensive grassland 22 13 8 1 5 6 3 6
versus extensive grassland
19 7 7 0 4 5 3 6
  1. More than one organism/functional group may have been investigated in a study. Where an article is categorised as ‘intensive versus extensive grassland’, it will also be included within the ‘intensive grassland’ and ‘extensive grassland’ categories. The number of articles for each taxanomic group will reflect (at least in part) the search terms used.