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Table 1 Databases searched and search strategy developed for each database

From: Comparison of methods for measuring and assessing carbon stocks and carbon stock changes in terrestrial carbon pools. How do the accuracy and precision of current methods compare? A systematic review protocol

Database/library name Search strategy
US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Treesearch Google search for: carbon OR biomass OR decomposition OR respiration OR "woody debris".
Australian Government Department of Climate Change website
Full-text articles in the "Agriculture", "Biodiversity", "Forestry","International","Land use" and "Science" sections to be uploaded and hand-searched.
EDIS (Electronic Data Information Source) Advanced search option for "any of the words": carbon orbiomass; and"none of the words": monoxide, poultry, fish, drinking, gardener.
Forests in flux; The full library of full-text articles will be uploaded to Endnote and searched there.
NRCAN Library Catalogue Keyword combinations of: "carbon store"; "carbon stock"; "carbon pool";"carbon biomass"; "carbon sequestration"; "allometric"; "allometry"; "biomass estimation"; "biomass determination"; "woody debris".
World Environment Library Boolean searches using words in title: carbon, biomass, decomposition, respiration,allometric, allometry, "woody debris”.
CGVlibrary Advanced search option for "Any word = (carbonOR biomass OR decomposition OR respiration OR woody debris) And Any word =(measure Or measurement Or method Or estimate Or calculation Or equation Or inventory Or survey)"
UN-REDD Web Platform
Search the title/abstract in advanced search using "carbon OR biomass".
FAO Online Catalogues Advanced search option in whole record for: measure,measurement,method, estimate, estimation, calculation,calculate, assessment, survey, inventory, technique, allometric, sequest, stock, store, flux, sink; and in the title: carbon, biomass, decomposition, respiration, debris.
CIFOR Publications Search the publications section in the advanced search option, 'subject search', with the search string: "carbon OR biomass OR decomposition OR respiration OR woody debris"
ISRIC Access via the 'staff publications' section and upload full-text after hand-searching
UNEP Publications Search with single terms: carbon, biomass, debris, decomposition, respiration, climate
World Agroforestry Centre Publications Search publication using single terms: carbon, biomass, woody debris, decomposition, respiration
Columbia Earth Institute – International Research Institute for Climate and Society - Upload full-text for assessment
European Space Agency Earth Observation Projects Department – Upload list of publications in the Monographs, Conference proceedings and Reports and Memoranda accessed via the product databasein the publications section.
Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility Institute ofCIAT (TSBF-CIAT): Conservation and Sustainable Management of _k;Below-_k;_Ground_k; Biomass project Upload full publications list
Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) 2005 of FAO and its country reports Search (without the use of search keywords orsearch box) for the main FRA 2005 report and all country reports in the FRA 2005 section of the main website:
National Forest Monitoring and Assessment(NFMA) of FAO and its reports Browse publications and Country via the Country Projects Pages, for those countries withcompleted projects.
ISI Web of Knowledge (including Web of Knowledge with Conference Proceedings, BIOSIS Previews See Appendix A
Scirus Search in the advanced search option for “All the words = (carbon method* measure*)” in the"complete document", and “Any word = (stock* store* pool* flux* sink* balance* budget* sequest*)” in the "article title". Subject areas restricted to agricultural and biological sciences and environmental sciences.
Google Scholar Search in the advanced search option for "All the words = (carbon methodmeasure) And Any of the words = (stock store pool flux sink balancebudget)". File type restricted to the subject areas: Biology, Life Sciences,and Environmental Science; Engineering, Computer Science, andMathematics; and Physics, Astronomy, and Planetary Science
Science Direct See Appendix A
Georef FIND ("Title"/"Index Terms"/"Abstract"/"Author Affil"/"Source"/"Notes"/"Publication Type"/"Record ID" ct (carbon flux*/carbon stock*/carbonpool*/carbon stor*/carbon sink*/carbon sequest*/carbon biomass/carbon source*/carbon balance*/carbon budget*) & (peat*/wetland*/forest*/wood*/tree*/soil*/crop*/grass*/pasture*/meadow*/harvest*/agricultur*/land/timber/terrestrial) & (method*/approach*/technique*/model*/equation*/satellite*/remote sens*/estimat*/calculat*/assess*/predict*/tool*/measure*/simulat*/monitor*/function*))
Scopus See Appendix A
Agricola See Appendix A
CAB Abstracts See Appendix A
ATROFI-UK; Archive of Tropical Forestry Inventory Search directly for articles documenting inventory methods.