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Table 2 Search terms for the intervention “floodplain management”

From: Floodplain management in temperate regions: is multifunctionality enhancing biodiversity?

General terms habita* renaturali* water* rehabil*
alluvi* *connect* habita* restor* water* renaturali*
alluvi* manag* in-stream* *connect* water* restor*
alluvi* measur* in-stream* manag* Specific terms
alluvi* rehabil* in-stream* measur* bank fixation
alluvi* renaturali* in-stream* rehabil* bank stabilization
alluvi* restor* in-stream* renaturali* boulder additions
aquati* *connect* in-stream* restor* channel reconfiguration
aquati* manag* multifunct* *connect* connectivity at hydraulic facilities
aquati* measur* multifunct* manag* creat* a water course
aquati* rehabil* multifunct* measur* creat* of multi* chann*
aquati* renaturali* multifunct* rehabil* dam removal
aquati* restor* multifunct* renaturali* elong* of river length
channel* *connect* multifunct* restor* fish passage
channel* manag* ripari* *connect* flow modification
channel* measur* ripari* manag* flow regulation
channel* rehabil* ripari* measur* install* of flow deflect*
channel* renaturali* ripari* rehabil* land acquisition
channel* restor* ripari* renaturali* lower* of entrench* depth
floodplain *connect* ripari* restor* modifying flows
floodplain manag* river *connect* morphological alteration
floodplain measur* river manag* reconnection
floodplain rehabil* river measur* re-connection
floodplain renaturali* river rehabil* reconfiguring river
floodplain restor* river renaturali* river continuity
habita* *connect* river restor* river widening
habita* manag* water* *connect* stormwater management
habita* measur* water* manag* water abstraction
habita* rehabil* water* measur* wood placement