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Table 3 Search terms for the outcome “biodiversity” following the formula “biodivers* OR (group1 AND group2)”

From: Floodplain management in temperate regions: is multifunctionality enhancing biodiversity?

  abundance density divers* richness
  species plants animals animals (cont.)
  *bentho* *alga* amphib* mammal*
  family *annual* animal* meiofauna*
  fung* bryophyte* ant* mollusc*
  genus *cotyl* arthropod* moth*
  microorganism* epiphyte* avian* mussel
  organism* fern* bee* nematode*
  parasite* forb* beetle* newt
  pelagic* grass* bird* omnivore*
  *plancton* liana* butterfly* owl*
  *plankton* orchid* carabid* passerine*
  saprophyte* perennials* carnivore* pollinator*
  species plant* caterpillar* raptor*
  taxa tree* cricket* reptile*
  taxon   detritivore* snail*
   *fauna* snake*
   fish* toad
   frog* tortoise
   grasshopper* turtle
   grazer* *vertebrate*
   herbivore* wader*
   insect* wasp*
   larva* woodpecker*