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Figure 6 | Environmental Evidence

Figure 6

From: Are interventions to reduce the impact of arsenic contamination of groundwater on human health in developing countries effective? A systematic review

Figure 6

Percentage (95% CI) of samples meeting WHO guidelines for oxidation and filtration technologies. ModGAR, Modified GARNET [34]; Sand [35]; AIRP, arsenic and iron removal plant [36]; ARP, SPACE arsenic removal plant [37]; GAR, GARNET [38]; DCCF, domestic clay candle filter [39]; AIRP1, arsenic and iron removal plant [40]; AIRP2, arsenic and iron removal plant [41]; IOB1 – IOB3, iron oxidising bacteria for three sites [40]; IRCF1 and IRCF2, iron removal ceramic filter at two sites [32]; NIFSF, natural iron fine sand filter [42].

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