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Table 7 Summary of costs and flow rates for ion exchange technologies

From: Are interventions to reduce the impact of arsenic contamination of groundwater on human health in developing countries effective? A systematic review

Author Intervention Household or community Flow L/hr Capital cost as Aus$ Operational cost as Aus$
Hossain (2005) AFDWS-2000 (patent pending) Community Up to 10000L 3242 Not reported
Hossain (2005) Ferric hydroxide Community 600 1686 Not reported
Hossain (2005) Bucket of resins (patented) Community 300000L 3986 + 1686per recharge +4% sales tax Not reported
BAMWSP (2001), Sutherland (2001), Sutherland (2002), BCSIR (2003) Tetrahedron/Tetratreat Unclear 60-120 (720 over 12 hours) 1300 Not reported
Sarkar (2007) ArsenX Community 480-600 Not reported Not reported