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Table 8 Summary of costs and flow rates for in situ arsenic removal, nanofiltration and electrocoagulation

From: Are interventions to reduce the impact of arsenic contamination of groundwater on human health in developing countries effective? A systematic review

Author Intervention Household or community Flow L/hr Capital cost as Aus$ Operational cost as Aus$
Oh (2000) Low pressure nanofiltration - membrane filtration Unclear 17 – 29 (290–490 mL/min at 4 MPa) Not reported Not reported
Gupta (2010) Subterranean arsenic removal Community 250 (6000 L/day) Not reported 1.6/10 m3
Van Halem (2010) Subterranean arsenic removal Community 1200 (1.2 m3/hr) Not reported Not reported
Wan (2011) Electrocoagulation Household Treatment as 50 L/3hrs Not reported 0.21/m3
Rott (2008) Subterranean arsenic removal Community 167 - 250 (4000–6000 L/day) Not reported Not reported