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Table 1 Electronic databases searched to identify literature on intraspecific outbreeding

From: A systematic review of phenotypic responses to between-population outbreeding

Database name Subset of content searched Source
BIOSIS previews All
Copac National, Academic, & Specialist Library Catalogue Search limited to theses only
§†Countryside Council for Wales Library Catalogue All
Dissertation Abstracts (Proquest dissertations and theses) Search limited to dissertations and theses only
Electronic theses online service (ETHOS) All
ISI proceedings All
ISI Web of Science All
§†Joint Nature Conservation Committee publications catalogue All
§†Natural England Publications and Products Catalogue All
SciVerse Science Direct All
SciVerse Scopus All
Scirus Searches limited to first 50 results from journals-only searches
§†Scottish Natural Heritage All
  1. § Databases or libraries held by UK public bodies (non-departmental governmental organizations).
  2. † Database includes grey literature.