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Table 2 Search strings used to query online databases

From: A systematic review of phenotypic responses to between-population outbreeding

Group Search string
(i) Outbreeding related strings Outbreeding depression OR out-breeding depression OR outcrossing depression OR out-crossing depression OR out-mating depression OR outmating depression
(i) (Hybridisation OR hybridization) AND (population OR interpopulation OR inter-population) NOT (interspecific OR inter-specific)
(i) Heterosis AND population
(ii) Search strings related to the movement of individuals for conservation purposes Translocation AND conservation
(ii) Reinforcement AND conservation
(ii) Augmentation AND conservation
(ii) Restoration AND conservation
(ii) Genetic rescue AND conservation
(iii) Fitness related strings Fitness
(iii) Surviv* OR mortality OR longevity
(iii) Fecundity OR reproduc*
(iv) Catch-all search strings Distance-dependent fitness
(iv) Distance-dependent crossing success
(iv) Distance-dependent mating success
  1. Boolean syntax follows the ISI Web of Knowledge template, and was adapted as necessary for use within databases using other syntax.