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Table 4 Summary of the article assessment procedure

From: A systematic review of phenotypic responses to between-population outbreeding

Stage of article assessment Total number assessed Subset assessed in duplicate (% of total) Number passing assessment Agreement level, к (interpretation according to [ [43]])
Title assessment 9631 600 (6.2) 905 0.61 (Substantial)
Abstract assessment 905 200 (22.1) 285 0.49 (Moderate)
Fulltext assessment 285 40 (14.0) 93* 0.83 (Almost perfect)
  1. Objectivity of article assessment was determined using the Kappa coefficient of agreement via independent assessments of a subset of articles [31].
  2. *17 articles could not be assessed and were excluded at this stage due to being written in a language other than English, because of unanswered data requests, or because the original source material could not be located or no longer existed. Data were either unavailable or not extractable for a further 13 articles.