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Table 1 Elements of the systematic review question

From: Does the effectiveness of forest protected areas differ conditionally on their type of governance?

Setting Perspective Interest, phenomena of Comparison Evaluation
Forest protected areas 1. Local Community 1. Governmental PAs 1. With different governance regimes 1) Attitudinal success measured through (difference/change in) attitudes of local stakeholders towards focal PA, authority and/or management practices
2. PA Authority/Management staff 2. Co-managed PAs
  3. Private PAs 2) Behavioural success measured through (difference/change in) level of conservation-oriented behaviour necessary to decrease the threats to natural resources
4. Community conserved areas
5. Hybrid forms 3) Ecological success measured through (difference/change in) deforestation rate, biodiversity level, maintenance of forest cover and forest density, condition, health, etc
4) Spillover effects: social, institutional and ecological changes in surrounding social-ecological systems