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Table 1 Suggested search strategy

From: How effective are created or restored freshwater wetlands for nitrogen and phosphorus removal? A systematic review protocol

  Term 1 (intervention) AND Term 2 (intervention) AND Term 3 (subject) AND Term 4 (outcome)
  wetland*   construct*   nitrogen   retention
OR pond OR create* OR phosph* OR trap*
OR mire* OR restor* OR nitrate OR denitrification
OR marsh OR man*made OR TKN OR uptake
OR fen OR flooding OR ammoni* OR sedimentation
OR wet meadow OR inundation    OR remov*
OR riparian OR artificial    OR settling
OR flood plain      OR accretion
OR reed      OR precipitation
       OR *sorption
  1. Search terms are connected with AND, and words within each term is connected by OR. Truncation or wildcard is denoted by *.