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Table 2 Electronic databases used for searching

From: How effective are created or restored freshwater wetlands for nitrogen and phosphorus removal? A systematic review protocol

Database Searched field No of hits Date
ISI Web of Science topic 3249 2013-02-26
Georef and Geobase subject/title/abstract 2249 2013-02-26
Scopus title, abstract and keywords 2842 2013-02-26
Agricola keyword anywhere 524 2013-02-26
ASFA All fields (no full text) 1933a) 2013-02-27
Academic search title/abstract/subject/keyword 1131 2013-02-27
Biological Abstracts keywords 401 2013-02-27
Wiley Online Library abstract or title or keywords 174 2013-02-27
Directory of Open Access Journals all fields 84a) 2013-03-05
ScienceDirect abstract or title or keywords 876 2013-07-02
  1. a)After removal of duplicates.