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Table 3 Description of variables used in the quality assessment

From: Assessing community-based conservation projects: A systematic review and multilevel analysis of attitudinal, behavioral, ecological, and economic outcomes

Variable name Description
Conflict of interest Were any of the authors affiliated with the project described in the study in any way that could result in a conflict of interest (e.g. currently or previously employed by the project, served as an advisor on the project, or funded by the same source)? Coded as 1 (yes or unsure), 0 (no)
Methods description How well were the methods in the paper reported. Coded as 1 (not very clear (missing information) or not reported) and 0 (very clear)
Study design category How could the design of the study be characterized? Coded as 4 (case series or cross sectional study), 3 (case control study, cohort study, or historically controlled study), 2 (interrupted time series study), 1 (controlled before-and-after study or non-randomized control trial) and 0 (randomized control trial). Note only categories 3 and 4 were present in our sample
Controls Were appropriate control cases included in the study? Coded as 1 (no or partial), and 0 (yes)
Confounds Did the study account for and minimize effects associated with potential confounding variables? Coded as 1 (no or partial), 0 (yes)
Analysis type What type of analysis did the author use? Coded as 2 (qualitative analysis or quantitative analysis with descriptive or observational statistics), 1 (analysis of variance, t-test, statistical correlation or other bivariate analyses), 0 (multivariate regression or other multivariate analyses).