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Figure 10

From: Evaluating the biological effectiveness of fully and partially protected marine areas

Figure 10

Mean response ratio ( LnRR ¯ ) based on density ( ) and biomass (■ ) data for target species in the partially protected area and the open access area (partial:open) for each ‘protection regime’ category (IdC: Indiscriminate, commercial; DC: discriminate, commercial; DR: discriminate, recreational). Sample size (i.e. the number of MPAs) for each ratio is shown in parentheses. The vertical dotted line at ( LnRR ¯ ) = 0 represents equal fish density or biomass inside and outside of the MPA; ( LnRR ¯ ) > 0 means more fish inside the PPA; ( LnRR ¯ ) < 0 means fewer fish in the PPA.

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