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Figure 8

From: Evaluating the biological effectiveness of fully and partially protected marine areas

Figure 8

Forest plot of fish population effect sizes based on density data in the NTR and the PPA. Each row represents a paired NTR-PPA comparison. The top two MPAs (separated by a spacer from the other MPAs) were excluded from the sensitivity analysis, due to habitat confounding effect. The vertical dotted line at LnRR ¯  = 0 represents equal fish density in the NTR and PPA; LnRR ¯  > 0 means more fish inside the NTR; LnRR ¯  < 0 means fewer fish in the NTR. The squares are the effect size for each MPA, the error bars are the 95% confidence interval for each MPA, whose values are given on the right hand side of the figure. Summary effect: the diamond represents the weighted mean calculated from the random effects meta-analysis, the width of the diamond is proportional to the estimation in the error of the mean and the horizontal dotted line is the prediction interval were 95% of true effects are predicted to lie.

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