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Table 3 Systematic map - categories of data to be included in overview

From: A systematic map protocol: which components or attributes of biodiversity affect which dimensions of poverty?

Nature of evidence • Sources of evidence (journal types and subjects, grey literature)
  • Types of evidence (study design, data sources, scale of analysis)
  Producers of evidence (location of primary authors/institutions)
Representativeness and coverage of evidence • Geographic coverage (countries, regions)
  • Ecological coverage (biomes, habitats)
  • Components/attributes of biodiversity studied
  Dimensions/aspects of poverty studied
Types and nature of linkages between biodiversity and poverty • Types of mechanism employed (eg tourism, harvesting, adaptive agriculture) and occurrence of each type
  Types of linkage to poverty (eg income generation, subsistence support, risk management) and occurrence of each type
Poverty impacts • Measures of impacts used
  • Nature of impacts identified (positive, negative, neutral) and relative proportions of each type
  • Scale of impacts (no’s of beneficiaries identified) and no’s of studies that address scale
  • Distribution of impacts - no’s of studies that consider distributional issues
  Sustainability of impacts - no’s of studies that consider sustainability issues
Policy, institutions and governance Attention paid to underlying policy, institutional and governance issues – no’s of studies addressing key issues