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Table 2 Template of data extraction table (modified after scoping exercise)

From: What are the non-food impacts of GM crop cultivation on farmers’ health?

Revision date:  
Name of person filling the form:  
ID of the form (usually name of the first author and year of publication):  
Author(s) of the study and affiliations:  
Publication type:  
Funding agency:  
Type of intervention (GM crops)
• Number of crops analysed  
• Type of crops  
• Type of trait  
• Type of pesticides applied  
• Country  
• Location  
• Agro-ecological climate  
• Weather  
• Pest pressure  
• Irrigated/rain-fed  
Farm and farmer profiles
• Age  
• Gender  
• Education  
• Farm size  
• Area cultivated with GM/non-GM  
• Use of pesticide protective measures (if relevant)  
Institutional context: subsidies, credits, price control policies, extension services
• Agricultural subsidies  
• Agricultural credits  
• Price control policies  
• Agricultural extension services  
Study design
• Methodology employed  
• Frequency and period of data collection  
• Sample size  
Intermediate outcomes  
1. Q1: Pesticide usage  
2. Q2: Household income  
Final outcomes  
• Q1: Number of pesticide-associated illnesses  
• Q2: Health-related expenditure