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Table 3 Preliminary heterogeneity assessment of crops, taxonomic groups and types of Bt toxins

From: Are population abundances and biomasses of soil invertebrates changed by Bt crops compared with conventional crops? A systematic review protocol

Taxonomic group Arthropods Earthworms Nematodes
Crop/Bt protein Cry1Ab Cry1Ac Cry3Bb1 Cry3Aa Cry1Ab Cry3Bb1 Cry1Ab Cry3Bb1
Maize 6   4   5 3 4 2
Cotton   2       
Rice 1        
Potato     1     
  1. The table is based on the 17 studies identified during the scoping exercise. Digits represent the number of studies. Total number exceed 17 because some studies are examining more than one taxonomic group or use more than one Bt crop.