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Table 2 Information to be extracted from the papers qualifying for inclusion in the review and to be stored in the CADIMA database

From: Are soil microbial endpoints changed by Bt crops compared with conventional crops? A systematic review protocol

Variable name Definition
Geo-reference, longitude (field) GPS coordinate WGS 84
Geo-reference, latitude (field) GPS coordinate WGS 84
Location Location of the experimental site
Crop Name of the crop
GM Event Name of the GM event
Treatment property Type of Bt toxin(s) or comparator
Gene stacking Information about stacked event , name of the stacked genes
Variety and cultivar The commercial name of the variety and cultivar ID
Comparator properties Information about the used comparator in relation with the Bt variety - isogenic or other.
Pesticide treatment(s) Information about pesticide treatment , product name, active substance, amount, number, time and method for application.
Fertilizer use Amount of NPK
Weather conditins Mean annual temperature and precipitation
Experimental setup Field; glasshouse; microcosmos; mesocosmos
Experimental design Randomized complete blocks; Completely randomized; Multi location; Other. Kind of micro-mesocosmos
Plot size (field) Calculation of the plot size (in square meters)
Plots number (field) Number of plots per treatment
Cropping system (field) Conventional; Reduced tillage; Conservation tillage etc.
Crop rotation (field) Information about the history of the experimental field
Tillage date (field) Date since last tillage event, including ploughing, harrowing, rotovation etc.
Date of cropping system establishment (field) Date when the Bt crop was planted for first time
Seeding date (field) Date of seeding within each growing season
Sampling date (field) Date when the sampling was performed
Plant development stage Stage at the point of sampling
Size (Micro-mesocosmos) Size of the Experimental setup
Number of replicates (Micro-mesocosmos) Number of replicates per treatment
Duration (Micro-mesocosmos) Duration of the experiment
Temperature (Micro-mesocosmos) Temperature at which the experiment was carried out
Other (Micro-mesocosmos) Other informations related to experiments in Micro-mesocosmos
Data type Of the value of the measured quantity, real, integer, binary, categorical, other
Method(s) Short description of the applied method(s)
Microbial biomass Measured biomass
Bacterial abundance Number of bacteria, total and/or specific groups
Fungal abundance Number of fungi, Total and/or specific groups
Microbial diversity Taxonomic, genetic and/or functional diversity
Microbial activity Specific activity measures, includes respiration, enzymatic activities, mineralisation etc.
Other microbial measurers Other microbial measurements, including colonization of roots by mycorrhizal fungi, and root nodules
Sample depth (field) Depth in the soil where the sample was taken
Sample amount Amount of soil in one sample
Sampling location (field) Location from which the samples are take, e.g. between rows, within rows, distance from roots
Extraction method Used technique for extraction of microorganisms, the activity or DNA etc.
Sample size (field) Sample size as reported by the author
Variability measure STD; SEM; CLM; Variance
Quantity Quantified variability
Soil type Soil type according to WRB classification
Other fixed and random effects E.g. fertilization, fungicide use, additional factors and effects of the experimental design
Data origin Table or figure from which the data originates
Data extraction How data was extracted, e.g. as exact number from tables or scaled numbers from graphs
Statistical analysis Description of the statistical methods for analysis of variance
Reference Bibliographic reference code as found in the GRACE CADIMA database (Central Access Database for Impact Assessment of Crop Genetic Improvement Technologies)
Source of funding Description of the funding source of the study
Authors affiliation Type of institution to which the first author belongs
Comments Any other information which may be relevant
Keywords Keywords for finding the reference in a systematic review - {list of keywords}