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Table 2 List of possible variables extracted for the evidence map on the baseline susceptibility of insect pests to Bt -proteins

From: What is the evidence on the inheritance of resistance alleles in populations of lepidopteran/coleopteran maize pest species: a systematic map protocol

Variable name Definition Type Closed terms
Article_id Unique identification number assigned to each publication integer No
Author Author(s) of the listed publication. text No
Publication_year Year of publication of study integer No
Citation Citation, e.g. journal name, volume and page numbers text No
Title Title of the publication text No
Was_peer_reviewed Indicates whether study was published in a peer reviewed journal. string Yes
Country Country where insects were collected string Yes
Expmt_num Number of experiment within a study (e.g. different species, population, Bt-toxins, years, etc.) string No
Bt_protein Bt-protein used for the toxicity tests string Yes
Target_order Target taxonomic order string Yes
Target_family Target taxonomic family string Yes
Target_genus Target taxonomic genus string Yes
Target_species Target taxonomic species string Yes
Test_method Used test methodology such as surface test, incorporation test, test with discriminate dose or plant material   
Stage Stage of the test organism string Yes
No_test_organisms Number of test organisms real No
No_doses Number of Bt protein doses used real No
Control_no_test_organism Number of test organism in the control real No
Dose_no_test_organism Number of test organism in the treatment real No
Model_used Statistical model used to calculate the inheritance of resistance string Yes
h Effective dominance h at specific concentration (h = 0 fully recessive, h = 1 fully dominant) string Yes
Tested_generations No. of generations tested of the target organism real no
Stability_resistance Stability of resistance/generations real No
Mode_of_inheritance Description of the mode of inheritance string Yes
  1. Given is the variable name in the database, the definition of the variable, the type, and whether the variable content is restricted to closed (predefined) terms.