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Table 1 Finalised search string following scoping in Web of Knowledge

From: Evidence on the environmental impacts of farm land abandonment in high altitude/mountain regions: a systematic map

  Search string WoK hits
Exposure terms ((grassland OR farm* OR cropland OR agriculture* OR land OR *field OR pasture) AND (destock* OR abandon*)) 26,351
Population terms (“high altitude” OR “higher altitude” OR “high ground” OR “higher ground” OR *alpine OR montane OR mount* OR elevat* OR highland OR hill* OR upland OR plateau OR mesa OR tableland OR slope OR aspect OR remote* OR massif OR sierra OR steep OR rugged OR apennine OR alps OR volcano* OR Carpathian* OR Pyren* OR Caucasus OR Andes OR Rockies) 7,213
  1. *denotes wildcard function that includes all possible word endings.