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Table 3 List of search terms in Google Scholar(1), WOK(1)and CAB(1)

From: What are the environmental impacts of property rights regimes in forests, fisheries and rangelands? a systematic review protocol

Google Scholar (english)

(fish OR fisheries OR rangeland OR grassland OR pasture OR forest) AND (common OR community OR government OR state OR public OR private) AND (tenure OR property OR rights) Search results were limited to 1990 onwards


Topic=(forest* or fish* or marine or grassland* or pastoralis* or pasture or rangeland*) AND Topic=(decentraliz* or tenure or reform* or allocation or ownership or "property right"or "property rights" or "property regime" or "property system" or manag* or access or harvest* or open?access) AND Topic=(collective or comm?n* or small?scale or customary or state or public or privat* or compan* or concession* or participat* or collaborative or co?operative or co-manage* or shared or joint) AND Topic=(Armenia* or Bhutan* or Bolivia* or Cameroon* or "Cape Verde" or "Côte d'Ivoire" or "Ivory Coast" or Djibouti* or Egypt* or "El Salvador" or Georgia* or Ghana* or Guatemala* or Guyan* or Hondura* or Indonesia* or India* or Kiribati*or Lao* or Lesotho* or Mauritania*or Micronesia* or Mongolia*or Morocc* or Nicaragua*or Nigeria* or Pakistan* or Papua* or Paraguay* or Philippin* or Samoa* or "Sao Tome" or Senegal* or "Solomon Islands" or "Sri Lanka" or Sudan* or Swaziland*) OR

OR Topic=(Afghan* or Bangladesh* or Benin* or Burkina* or Burundi* or Cambodia* or Central African Republic or Chad* or Comoro* or Congo* or Eritrea*or Ethiopia* or Gambia* or Guinea* or Haiti* or Kenya* or Korea* or Kyrgyz* or Liberia* or Madagascar* or Malagasy* or Malawi* or Mali* or Mozambique* or Myanmar* or Burma* or Nepal* or Niger* or Rwanda* or Sierra Leone or Somali* or Sudan* or Tajikistan* or Tanzania* or Togo* or Uganda* or Zimbabwe*)

OR Topic=(Angola* or Algeria* or Samoa* or Argentina* or Azerbaijan* or Beliz* or Botswana* or Brazil* or Chin* or Colombia* or "Costa Rica" or "Costa Rican" or Cuba* or Dominica* or Equatorian* or Ecuador* or Fiji* or Gabon* or Grenad* or Iran* or Iraq* or Jamaica * or Jordan* or Kazak* or Leban* or Libya* or Malaysia* or Maldives or "Marshall Islands" or Mayotte or Mauritius or Mexic* or Namibia* or Palau* or Panama* or Peru * or Seychell* or "South Africa" or "St! Lucia" or "St. Vincent" or Suriname* or Thai* or Tonga* or Tunisia* or Turk* or Turkmenistan* or Tuvalu* or Venezuela*)

Search results were limited to 1990-2013


(forest* OR fish* OR marine OR rangeland* OR grassland* OR pasture*) AND subject:((tenure OR “property rights” OR “property regime” OR “property system” OR “common property resources”)) AND yr:[1990 TO 2014]


OR AND subject:(forest* OR fish* OR marine OR rangeland* OR grassland* OR pasture*) AND subject:("tenure systems" OR "property rights" OR "property regime" OR "property system" OR "common property resources") AND yr:[1990 TO 2014]

  1. (1)The symbol asterisk (*) is a truncation operator and presents zero or more characters in a search term. Forest* would thus include forests, forestry, forester, forestal etc. It was not used in Google Scholar as the search engine does not recognize truncation symbols.