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Table 1 List of search terms in English language

From: What are the socio-economic impacts of genetically modified crops worldwide? A systematic map protocol

Intervention (GM crops) Outcome and population
1) BT 1) Econ*
bt crop* 2) Socio*
bt seed* 3) Social*
bt cotton 4) Cost*
bt maize 5) Benefit*
bt corn 6) Regulat*
bt soybean 7) Farmer*
bt tomato 8) Consumer*
bt eggplant 9) Supply chain
bt rice 10) Coexist*
bt potato 11) Food security
2) Insect* resistan*  
insect* resistan* crop*  
insect* resistan* seed*  
insect* resistan* cotton  
insect* resistan* maize  
insect* resistan* corn  
insect* resistan* soybean  
insect* resistan* tomato  
insect* resistan* eggplant  
insect* resistan* rice  
insect* resistan* potato  
3) Biotech*  
Agricult* biotech*  
Biotech* crop*  
Biotech* food*  
Biotech* seed*  
4) Bioeng*  
Bioeng* crop*  
Bioeng* food*  
Bioeng* seed*  
5) GM  
GM* crop*  
GM* food*  
GM* seed*  
GM* free  
GM* label*  
GM* product*  
6) GMO*  
7) Transgenic*  
Transgenic* crop*  
Transgenic* food*  
Transgenic* seed*  
8) Genetic* engineer*  
Genetic* engineer* agricult*  
Genetic* engineer* crop*  
Genetic* engineer* food*  
Genetic* engineer* seed*  
9) Genetic* modif*  
Genetic* modif* agricult*  
Genetic* modif* crop*  
Genetic* modif* food*  
Genetic* modif* seed*  
10) HT  
HT crop*  
HT seed*  
HT alfalfa  
HT canola  
HT rapeseed  
HT chicory  
HT cotton  
HT flax*  
HT maize  
HT corn  
HT soybean  
HT sugar beet  
HT rice  
HT potato  
HT wheat  
11) Herbicide* resistan*  
herbicide* resistan* crop*  
herbicide* resistan* seed*  
herbicide* resistan* alfalfa  
herbicide* resistan* canola  
herbicide* resistan* rapeseed  
herbicide* resistan* chicory  
herbicide* resistan* cotton  
herbicide* resistan* flax*  
herbicide* resistan* maize  
herbicide* resistan* corn  
herbicide* resistan* soybean  
herbicide* resistan* sugar beet  
herbicide* resistan* rice  
herbicide* resistan* potato  
herbicide* resistan* wheat  
12) Virus resistan*  
virus resistan* crop*  
virus resistan* seed*  
virus resistan* bean  
virus resistan* papaya  
virus resistan* squash  
virus resistan* sweet pepper  
virus resistan* plum  
virus resistan* potato  
13) Drought resistan*  
drought resistan* crop*  
drought resistan* seed*  
drought resistan* corn  
drought resistan* maize  
drought resistan* sugarcane  
14) Biofortif*  
Biofortif* crop*  
Biofortif* food*  
Biofortif* seed*  
Biofortif* cassava  
Biofortif* corn  
Biofortif* maize  
Biofortif* rice  
Biofortif* sorghum  
15) Biosafe*  
Biosafe* agricult*  
Biosafe* crop*  
Biosafe* food*  
Biosafe* seed*  
16) Biosecur*  
Biosecur* agricult*  
Biosecur* crop*  
Biosecur* food*  
Biosecur* seed*  
17) Roundup ready*  
18) Liberty link*  
19) Starlink*  
20) Bollgard*  
21) Golden rice  
  1. *Indicates a truncation/wild card symbol (i.e. any character(s) permitted).