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Table 2 Search terms

From: The impact of land use and cover change on above and below-ground carbon stocks of the miombo woodlands since the 1950s: a systematic review protocol

1. Miombo woodland miombo OR woodland* OR "Zambez* phytoregion" OR brachystegia OR julbernardia OR isoberlinia OR savanna* OR forest* OR "standing stock" OR biomass
2. Countries Zambia OR Angola OR Malawi OR "Democratic Republic of Congo" OR Mozambique OR Zimbabwe OR Tanzania OR "South Africa" OR Burundi OR "Belgian Congo" OR Zaire OR Rhodesia OR Nyasaland OR Tanganyika OR Africa
3. Land use timber OR fire OR "forest product*" OR "wood product*" OR "natural resource*" OR "land cover" OR "land use" OR "land tenure" OR "land degradation" OR swidden OR citimene OR chitimene OR "slash AND burn" + - OR fallow OR "shifting cultivation" OR grazing OR infrastruct* OR mining OR migrat* OR wildlife OR bushmeat OR fodder OR mushroom* OR fuelwood OR woodfuel OR charcoal OR refugee OR log* OR agroforestry OR disturb* OR medicin* OR "forest management" OR "land management" OR "land polic*" OR "forest polic*" OR livelihood* OR measure OR density OR livestock OR "management regime"
4. Wood OR biomass OR carbon emission* OR vegetation OR wood* OR biomass OR carbon OR stock* OR flux* OR "above ground" OR "below ground" OR "basal area" OR sequest* OR accumulate* OR model OR estimat* OR ndvi* OR recover* OR "land use change"++ OR rootstock
  1. *is used to retrieve variations on a word stem or root. + - "slash and burn" is also searched slash NEAR burn.
  2. ++"land use change is also searched as "land use" NEAR change.