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Table 2 General search terms to be used in the review

From: What are the local impacts of energy systems on marine ecosystem services: a systematic map protocol

Exposure Populations Outcome
Terms for offshore wind turbine (marine OR sea* OR maritime OR benth* OR demersal OR pelagic OR ocean* OR mammal* OR bird* OR fish* OR “general public”) (“species distribution” OR “species composition” OR “species richness” OR “community structure” OR evenness OR abundance OR biodiversity OR bio-diversity OR “biological diversity” OR population OR “ecosystem funct*” OR “ecosystem process” OR valu* OR recreation OR amenity OR leisure OR tourism OR inspiration OR religious OR spiritual OR cultur* OR heritage OR education* OR health OR wellbeing OR aesthetic* OR view OR seascape OR “artificial reef” OR perception OR information OR existence OR bequest)
((“offshore wind” OR “offshore wind turbine” OR “offshore wind farm*” OR “offshore wind park*” OR “offshore wind installation*”) AND (construct* OR operat* OR decommiss*))
Terms for offshore oil/gas platforms
((“offshore oil rig” OR “offshore gas rig” OR “offshore oil platform” OR “offshore gas platform” OR “offshore oil” OR “offshore gas” OR “offshore oil installation” OR “offshore gas installation”) AND (construct* OR operat* OR decommiss*))
Terms for nuclear
((“nuclear power station” OR “nuclear cooling system” OR “nuclear discharge’) AND (construct* OR operat* OR decommiss*))   
  1. An asterix (*) following a search term/word is used as a wildcard allowing the search engine to accept variations of the term/word in the search. Quotation marks around words or phrases signifies that only the exact word or phrase will be allowed in the search results.