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Table 3 Attributes to be used for quality assessment of all studies

From: What are the local impacts of energy systems on marine ecosystem services: a systematic map protocol

Attribute Description Score
Study design (categorical) Site comparison: primary data collection 25
Site comparison: historical or secondary data 20
Site comparison: regional knowledge 15
Time series comparison: post structure only 10
Single sampling occasion in impacted area only 5
Comparator (categorical) Before and after construction data collection both at structure site and outside structure reference site (BACI) 25
Before and after construction study site (BA) 17
Inside structure site and outside reference site (CI) 8
No comparator 0
Between site variability (additive) Region and depth comparable 6
Sediment prior to construction comparable 6
Size of sample area comparable 6
Survey design comparable 6
Replication (categorical) Temporal and spatial replication 25
Temporal or spatial replication 12
No replication 0