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Table 1 Habitat and outcome search terms

From: Evaluating effects of land management on greenhouse gas fluxes and carbon balances in boreo-temperate lowland peatland systems

Habitat search terms Outcome search terms Intervention search terms
Aapa* Accret* Afforest*
Bog* Accumulation Arable
Carr Carbon Cut$over
Fen$ CH4 Cutt*
Fenland CO2 Ditch*
Histosol* Depth Drain*
Hochmoortorf DOC Drought
Mire DOM Extract*
Mor Erosion Fertili*
Muck “GHG*” Flood*
Muskeg “Green$house gas*” Forest*
Niedermoortorf Methane Graz*
Palsa N2O “Grip block*”
Peat* Nitrous Oxide Pastor*
Pocosin* “Organic content” Pastur*
Quag* “Organic matter” Plough*
Sedge Shrink* Plow*
Slough SOM Re$veg*
Suo Subside* Re$wet*
Swamp$ Wastage Restor*
Torfmoor   Till*
Tourbe   Turf$strip*
  1. The characters* and $ denote wildcards for multiple or single characters respectively.