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Table 8 Studies measuring emissions/fluxes of all three GHGs together

From: Evaluating effects of land management on greenhouse gas fluxes and carbon balances in boreo-temperate lowland peatland systems

Study Region Measured outcomes
Danevcic et al. [35] Ljubljana CH4, N2O, CO2 (Reco)
Klove et al. [36] Bodin CH4, N2O, CO2 (Reco)
Lund et al. [37] Fajemyr CH4, N2O, CO2 (Reco and NEE)
Maljanen et al. [38] Western Finland CH4, N2O, CO2 (Reco)
Maljanen et al. [39] Kannus CH4, N2O (air and soil), CO2 (Reco)
Martikainen et al. [10] Lakkasuo CH4, N2O, CO2 (Reco)
Nykanen et al. [10] Ilomantsi CH4, N2O, CO2 (Reco)
Petersen et al. [40] Nationwide survey CH4, N2O, CO2 (Reco)
Von Arnold et al. [41] Asa CH4, N2O, CO2 (Reco)