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Table 9 Major findings from the quantitative synthesis of the evidence-base

From: Evaluating effects of land management on greenhouse gas fluxes and carbon balances in boreo-temperate lowland peatland systems

Intervention/exposure-vs-comparator CH4 DOC N2O NEE CO2 RecoCO2
Drained-vs-undrained SEE=-0.126 SEE=27.3 SEE=0.008   SEE=125
p=0.055 (.) p=0.051 (.) p=0.033 (*) n.s. p=0.038 (*)
n=9 n=5 n=5 n=3 n=10
Dry-vs-wet    SEE=0.221   
p=0.019 (*)
Grazed-vs-mown n.s.     
Restored-vs-unrestored SEE=0.248     
p=0.014 (*) n.s. n.s.
n=4 n=8 n=3
High intensity farmed-vs-low intensity farmed n.s.   n.s.   
n=5 n=6
  1. SEE, summary effect estimate; n.s., non-significant; p, p-value; n, number of studies; (*), significant; (.), marginally significant (α=0.05).