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Table 3 Categories of data to be included in the data synthesis

From: Are alternative livelihood projects effective at reducing local threats to specified elements of biodiversity and/or improving or maintaining the conservation status of those elements?: a systematic review protocol

Nature of evidence • Sources of evidence (journal types and subjects, grey literature)
• Types of evidence (study design, data sources, scale of analysis)
• Producers of evidence (location of primary authors/institutions)
Representativeness and coverage of evidence • Geographic coverage (countries, regions)
• Ecological coverage (biomes, habitats)
• Components/attributes of biodiversity studied (species, group of species)
• Types of alternative livelihood projects (i.e. alternative resource, alterative occupation or alternative method)
  • Measure of effectiveness used
• Nature of impacts reported (positive, negative, neutral) and relative proportions of each type
Measure of effectiveness • Scale of impacts and numbers of studies that address scale
• Nature of any secondary impacts (including social & economic) & evidence of any trade offs or synergies.
• Sustainability of impacts - no’s of studies that consider sustainability issues
Policy, institutions and governance • Attention paid to underlying policy, institutional and governance issues