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Table 2 Results by search string (performed on 5 May, 2014)

From: A systematic mapping protocol: what are the impacts of different upstream business models in the agriculture and forestry sector on sustainable development in tropical developing countries?

Type of search term Search string Web of Science Scopus
   With limiters Without limiters With limiters Without limiters
Exposure ((“inclusive business” OR “business model” OR plantation OR outgrower OR “tenant farm*” OR “management contract” OR “joint venture” OR “contract farm*” OR cooperative OR “commercial farm*” OR agribusiness OR company OR companies OR corporation OR investment OR investor) AND (agricultur* OR forest* OR biofuel OR “oil palm” or sugarcane OR cotton OR rubber OR maize OR rice OR cereal OR jatropha OR tobacco OR soy OR eucalyptus)) 7,018 29,775 14,083 58,228
Outcome AND (impact OR implications OR benefit OR costs OR effect OR income OR employ* OR livelihood OR deforest* OR degrad* OR conflict OR “food securit*” OR “energy securit*” OR dispute OR equit* OR labor OR social OR poverty OR “socio-economic” OR differentiation OR economic OR productivity OR yield OR profit* OR viabilit* or environment* OR rights OR conservation) 5,937 23,391 11,300 41,326
Population AND (“agricult* land” OR smallholder OR biodivers* OR forest OR environment OR ecosystem OR “degraded land” OR women OR migrant OR wetland OR water OR “land user” OR “affected persons” OR communit* OR farmer OR employee OR household OR female OR peasant) 4,965 17,762 8,657 28,161
  1. *Denotes a wildcard character.