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Table 7 Overview of conclusions in this and earlier reviews

From: What is the influence of a reduction of planktivorous and benthivorous fish on water quality in temperate eutrophic lakes? A systematic review

Conclusions in earlier reviews Ref. Supported by this review
Planktivore/benthivore removal increases water transparency [7,11,16,29] Yes
Planktivore/benthivore removal decreases chlorophyll a [7,11,16,29] Yes
Planktivore/benthivore removal decreases cyanobacteria abundance [16,29] Yes
Increased planktivore/benthivore removal increases biomanipulation effects [11,16,29] Yes
Piscivore stocking is less efficient than planktivore/benthivore removal [7,30] Yes
Biomanipulation is more efficient in shallow lakes [30,46] No
Biomanipulation is more efficient in small lakes [30] Yes
Biomanipulation is less efficient in lakes with high pre-manipulation TP [46] No