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Table 1 PICO elements of the systematic review

From: Socioeconomic and environmental effects of China’s Conversion of Cropland to Forest Program after 15 years: a systematic review protocol

Population(s) Intervention(s) Comparator(s) Outcome(s)
CCFP households and their individual membersCCFP (subsidies , skill-training, and enforcement with field checksNon-participant households, households prior to CCFP implementationSocioeconomic outcomes (changes in households’ income structure, migration, etc.)
CCFP enrolled lands (cropland/wasteland/ecological trees/economic trees)CCFP (subsidies , skill-training, and enforcement with field checksNon-enrolled sloping lands, lands prior to CCFP implementationEnvironmental outcomes (changes in water discharge, soil erosion, flood risk, local biodiversity, etc.)