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Table 1 List of terms used to build the search string and define the inclusion perimeter of the papers retrieved

From: Comparative effectiveness of silvicultural interventions for increasing timber production and sustaining conservation values in natural tropical production forests. A systematic review protocol

A. Geographical terms (countries and regions) (using spelling variants as appropriate) C. Intervention terms (using double quotes, and proximity operators, as appropriate)
Tropic* Or "Central America" Or "South America" Or Caribbean Or "Central Africa" Or "East Africa" Or "West Africa" Or "Southeast Asia" OR Mexico OR Belize OR "Costa Rica" OR "El Salvador" OR Guatemala OR Honduras OR Nicaragua OR Panama OR Bolivia OR Brazil OR Colombia OR Ecuador OR Guyana OR Galapagos OR Paraguay OR Peru OR Suriname OR Venezuela OR Anguilla OR "Antigua and Barbuda" OR Aruba OR Bahamas OR Barbados OR "Virgin Islands" OR Cayman Islands OR Cuba OR Dominica* OR Grenada OR Guadeloupe OR Haiti OR Jamaica OR Martinique OR Montserrat OR Antilles OR "Puerto Rico" OR "Saint Barthelemy" OR "Saint Kitts" OR Nevis OR "Saint Lucia" OR "Saint Martin" OR "Saint Vincent and the Grenadines" OR "Trinidad and Tobago" OR "Turks and Caicos" OR Angola OR Cameroon OR "Central African Republic" OR Chad OR Congo OR Zaire OR "Equatorial Guinea" OR Gabon OR Sudan OR Zambia OR Burundi OR Comoros OR Djibouti OR Eritrea OR Ethiopia OR Kenya OR Madagascar OR Malawi OR Mauritius OR Mayotte OR Mozambique OR Reunion OR Rwanda OR Seychelles OR Somalia OR Tanzania OR Uganda OR Benin OR "Burkina Faso" OR "Cote d'Ivoire" OR "Ivory Coast" OR Gambia OR Ghana OR Guinea* OR Liberia OR Mali OR Mauritania OR Niger* OR "Saint Helena" OR "Sao Tome and Principe" OR Senegal OR "Sierra Leone" OR Togo OR Brunei OR Burma OR Myanmar OR Cambodia OR "East Timor" OR Indonesia OR Laos OR "Lao PDR" OR Malaysia OR Philippines OR Thailand OR Vietnam OR India PRE-HARVEST/PLANNING
permanent sample plot OR minimum cutting diameter OR diameter cutting limit OR harvest plan OR forest management plan OR cutting cycle OR diameter limit OR liana/liane cutting OR climber cutting OR riparian buffers OR sustainable forest management OR sustained timber yields OR future crop trees OR potential crop trees OR advanced regeneration OR felling cycle OR rotation cycle OR skid trails OR logging roads OR snig tracks OR logging gaps OR planting OR sowing OR nursery OR criteria OR forest certification OR inventory OR stock inventory OR forest management unit HARVEST timber harvesting OR logging OR selective harvesting OR selective logging OR reduced- impact logging OR ril OR low-impact logging OR low-impact silviculture OR harvesting techniques OR logging damage OR yarding techniques OR seed tree retention OR shelterwood OR Malayan uniform system OR polycyclic OR monocyclic OR uneven-aged management OR even-aged management OR felling OR clear strip felling OR directional felling OR group felling OR tpti OR silin OR partial cutting OR patch cutting OR celos OR logging intensity OR selective management OR retention forestry OR annual coupe POST-HARVEST liberation thinning OR thinning OR girdling OR refinement OR poisoning OR poison-girdling OR enrichment planting OR line planting OR gap planting OR recovery rate OR reconstitution rate OR assisted natural regeneration OR topsoil removal OR regrowth method OR liana cutting
B. Population terms  
forests OR rainforests OR woods OR woodlands OR kerangas OR cerrado OR wallaba OR varzea OR igapo OR terra firme OR mata atlantica D. CAB Abstracts search variant
  Set A AND (silvicultur*.ab. OR silvicultur*.ti. OR silvicultur*.de. OR aOR logging.ab. OR logging.ti. OR OR deforest*.ab. OR deforest*.ti. OR deforest*.de. OR forest OR forest (See EndNote for explanation of field limits specified here)