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Table 2 Examples from the test library summarizing conservation land management strategies assessed, ecosystem services measured, indicators (non-exclusive), crops and country of assessment

From: How effective are on-farm conservation land management strategies for preserving ecosystem services in developing countries? A systematic map protocol

Conservation land management Ecosystem service Properties studied Indicators Crop Country Publication Year Authors
Native vegetative patches in farmlandPollinationBiologicalFlower visitation networks, seed mass, honeybee and visitor abundanceSunflowerSouth AfricaEcology Letters2011Carvalheiro, L. G., Veldtman, R., Shenkute, A. G., Tesfay, G. B., Pirk, C. W. W., Donaldson, J. S., and Nicolson, S. W.
Reforestation, crop rotationSoil, carbonChemical and biologicalSoil organic carbon, microbial biomass, dissolved organic carbonRiceChinaJournal of Plant Ecology2013Cui, J., Zhang, R., Bu, N., Zhang, H., Tang, B., Li, Z., Jiang, L., Chen, J.and Fang, C.
Surface crop residue retention, crop rotation, ridge and furrow systems, legume intercropWater, soil, carbonChemical and physicalWater infiltration rates, soil moisture, soil organic carbon, texture, NPK, heavy metalsMaizeMalawiField Crops Research2013Thierfelder, C., Chisui, J. L., Gama, M., Cheesman, S., Jere, F. D., Bunderson, W. T., Eash, N. S. and Rusinamhodzi, L.
Fallowing with pigeon pea and elephant grassSoil, carbon, biodiversityChemical and biologicalSoil organic carbon, pH, enzyme activity, microbial biomassMaizeGhanaSoil Biology and Biochemistry2008Asuming-Brempong, S., Gantner, S., Adiku, S.G.K., Archer, G., Edusei, V. and Tiedje, J. M.
Agroforestry with herbaceous, shrub and tree species stripsCarbon, SoilChemical and biologicalSoil organic carbon, species diversity and composition, pH, soil exchangeable cations, NPKOil palmBrazilAgroforestry Systems2014de Carvalho, W. R., Vasconcelos, S. S., Kato, O. R., Capela, C. J., B., and Castellani, D. C.
No-till, fallowing, farmyard manure and crop residue mulchingCarbon, soil, waterChemical and physicalSoil organic carbon, soil texture, water pH, total base cations, bulk density, nitrogenCottonBurkina FasoNutrient Cycling in Agro-ecosystems2006Ouattara, B., Ouattara, K., Serpantié, G., Mando, A., Sédogo, M., and Bationo, A.
Fallowing over various time periodsCarbon, biodiversityBiologicalTree and shrub structure, floristic species richness, diversity, stem density, biomassTobaccoTanzaniaAfrican Journal of Ecology2005Mangora, M. M.