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Table 1 Search criteria used in the systematic map of the impact of agricultural on the ecological status of Irish waterbodies

From: A systematic map protocol: What evidence exists to link agricultural practices with ecological impacts for Irish waterbodies?

Search terms Web of science hits
Population “*surface water*” or “drainage water” or waterbod* or river* or lake* or estuar* or stream* or turlough* or groundwater or “ground water” or groundwater* or wetland* or canal* or pond* or spring* or catchment* or watershed or coast* or transitional or drain* 2,402,700
Exposure farm* or agricul* or pig* or poultry or dairy or beef or sheep or livestock or cattle or tillage or arable or grassland* or grazing or slurry or manure* or fertil* or “nutrient management” or “stocking rate*” or “stocking densit*” 372,539
Outcome micro* or “e. coli” or “Escherichia coli” or “water quality” or phosphorus or nitrogen or nitrate* or ammon* or sediment* or “organic matter” or nutrient* or pesticide* or herbicide* or “sheep dip*” or “endocrine disruptor*” or toxicant* or toxin* or antibiotic* or hydrology or hydrogeomorphology or ecolog* or macroinvertebrate* or pollution or fish or ecology* or status 237,512
Location Ireland 965
  1. * indicates wildcard search operator