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Table 2 Final categories of search terms, phrases and string

From: What is the available evidence concerning relative performance of different designs of mixed-species plantings for smallholder and community forestry in the tropics? A systematic map protocol

# Main terms Expanded terms
1 Tree or forest Tree* OR forest* OR agroforest* OR “agro forest*”
1a Mixed species “Mixed species” OR polycultur* OR “two species mixture*” OR “multi* species planting*” OR “species rich planting*” OR rainforest* OR “mixed stand*” OR mixture* OR “mixed woodlot*”
2 Planting or plantations Planting* OR plantation* OR planted OR reforest* OR afforest* OR “forest rehab*” OR “forest restor*” OR nurse* OR stand* OR woodlot*
  Region: humid tropics and temperate regions The map will focus on designs for mixed species planting in the humid tropics. However, literature from mixed species plantings in the temperate regions will be included in the map as these may be also have useful information for this study.