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Table 3 Categories for extracting data from biophysical literature

From: What is the available evidence concerning relative performance of different designs of mixed-species plantings for smallholder and community forestry in the tropics? A systematic map protocol

Type of information Description
Types of literature e.g. primary data, meta-analysis, review) (if a review (record date, number of citations)
Source of literature e.g. Journal name or grey literature or conference proceedings or book; open or fee based access; availability in electronic or hard copy
Year published 1980 - present (limited coverage prior to 1996 in Scopusa)
Location/country/region where work was done
Objective of the planting production, ecosystem services, or both
Scale of planting e.g. plot, trial or operational
• If plot or trial, what is the purpose? i.e., hypothesis testing, species elimination trials, species complementarities/facilitation
• If Operational (1) Type of ownership: (secure/insecure, formal or informal tenure, private, public, community, etc.)
(2) Type of plantation: (i.e. mixed species plantation, ecological restoration or landscape plantation)
(3) Method of management or harvesting: (i.e., thinning, pruning or other)
Age of planting in years or range
Establishment method e.g. planted, direct seeded, number of species to plant
Key species e.g. Pinus spp /Eucalyptus spp /Acacia spp /Gmelina spp/other) includes nitrogen fixer, native or exotic
Type of products e.g. fuel, on-farm timber vs. for sale timber, other
Key factors investigated e.g. biological or socio-economic factors considered in designing the study or to compare types of designs
No. of species give number
Outcomes measured e.g. yield, growth, carbon sequestration, soil nutrient etc.
Type of attributes e.g. ecological, economic, or social attributes
Provision of ecosystem service e.g. watershed protection, water yields, wildlife habitat, carbon sequestration, none
  1. aThough Scopus has recorded dated well before 1996, cited references are available on Scopus only from 1996 on [55]