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Table 4 Categories for extracting data from socio-economic literature

From: What is the available evidence concerning relative performance of different designs of mixed-species plantings for smallholder and community forestry in the tropics? A systematic map protocol

Type of information Description
Types of literature e.g. primary data, meta-analysis, review) (if a review (record date, number of citations)
Source of literature e.g. Journal name or grey literature or conference proceedings or book; open or fee based access; availability in electronic or hard copy
Year published 1980 - present (limited coverage prior to 1996 in Scopus)
Location/country/region where work was done
Attitudinal/decision-making e.g. household, community level, etc.
Financial analysis (household) or economic analysis e.g. financial and other impacts, accounting/economic perspective
Community dynamics organizational & behavioural dynamics
Institutional/policy dynamics