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Table 1 Keywords and qualifiers used in the literature search

From: How effective are on-farm mitigation measures for delivering an improved water environment? A systematic map

Mitigation Keyword AND Qualifier
Slurry storage Slurr* stor* Animal waste lagoon* Animal waste stor* Slurr* lagoon* Slurr* tank* Dairy lagoon* Water qualit* Water pollut* Control of pollut* Nitrat* OR Nitrogen Phosph* Nutrient loss* Bacter* Fecal OR faecal Pesticid* Sediment* River* OR Stream* OR Catchment* Leak* OR Seap* OR Spill* Ground* water* Run off OR runoff Directive* OR Europe* Infiltrat* Leach* Water AND (Erosion OR Erod*) Eutrophication Water
Woodland Afforest* (Wooded OR woodland*) AND (agricult* OR arable OR grass*) (Shelterbelt* OR windbreak* OR hedge*) Spray drift and tree*
Buffer Riparian AND (buffer* OR zone* OR filter* Or strip* Filter strip* Vegetat* AND(buffer* OR barrier*)
Controlled trafficking Wheel* AND compact* AND grass* Traffic* AND compact* AND grass* Soil compact* AND grass* Controlled traffic* AND grass*
Subsoiling loosening compacted soil “Subsoiling” Loosen* Compact* Deep ripping
Cover crop/catch crop “Cover crop” OR “Cover crops” OR “Covercrop” OR “Covercrops” “Catch crop” OR “Catch crops” OR “Catchcrop” OR “Catchcrops”
  1. Exact keyword and qualifier combinations varied in order to optimise searching efficiency and were informed by a scoping search.