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Table 4 The number of studies included in the systematic map investigating amendment interventions

From: What are the effects of agricultural management on soil organic carbon in boreo-temperate systems?

Intervention No. of studies
Crop residue 31
 Unspecified 4
 Composted 40
  Green (mulch) 16
  Yellow 36
  Burned 18
 Unspecified 63
 Liquid (slurry) 18
 Solid 112
  Cattle 9
  Poultry 3
  Composted 14
Lime 9
Sewage sludge 17
Green manure 24
Peat/sediment 10
Domestic compost/waste 4
Processed wood (sawdust/woodchips) 8
Different application methods 1
Bone meal/animal products 1
  1. Interventions are catalogued in a hierarchical way, such that column one is broad intervention groups, whilst columns two and three are more specific sub-categories from within the category in the preceding column