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Table 5 The number of studies included in the systematic map investigating crop rotation interventions

From: What are the effects of agricultural management on soil organic carbon in boreo-temperate systems?

Intervention No. of studies
Monoculture vs:  
 Unspecified 1
 Complex rotation (4 years) 32
 Rotations involving perennials 27
 2 or 3 years rotations 105
 Rotations involving 1 year “perennials” 26
  Sewn fallow or grass 26
  Chemical or bare fallow 4
 Comparison of different crops  
  Unspecified 1
  Legumes ± or legumes vs legumes 144
  Grass/hay/green fallow± or vs. each other 20
  Only crops 32
 Annual crop vs. perennial crop (2 years or more) 61
 Multi cropping 20
  Under-sown/intercropping (legumes or other)  
  Double cropping 28
  Cover- or catch crops 17
 Energy crops  
  Energy crops vs. energy crops 9
  Energy crops vs. other crops 7
 Simple rotation (2 year) vs. complex rotations (3 years or more) 46
Total 240
  1. Interventions are catalogued in a hierarchical way, such that column one is the rotation with which columns two and three are compared. Column three details more specific sub-categories from within the category in the preceding column